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Plans & Pricing

No regular fee

Laser cutting/etching Self Drive

Book a time and come on down to create some stuff on our laser.

*****Available time slots****
MONDAY 10am - 7:45pm
Tues, Wed, Thursday, Frid 10am - 5:45pm

& Book 1 day in advance please :)

Please note that Attendance on the "Intro to Lasers" [http://www.meetup.com/wellingtonmakerspace/] workshops are pre-requisite for self-use.

- Laser billing at $45/hr including GST

The documents on how to use the software will have been supplied as part of the induction, so hopefully you'll be up to speed! We're nice people and will give you a 5 minute re-cover on what to do so it's not scary :) However if you do need further assistance or help with your files a Staff member can be booked for $50 per half hour for tuition - please book staff member in advance :)

Remember too, if you break it...you buy it :)

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